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Stock Market Essay Directions:
After the competition has ended, each person must write a three paragraph essay. The first paragraph must be at least 5 sentences and must tell how you decided what to buy and trade and how well you did. In this paragraph, you should mention how much money you have left and what stocks were your best and worst. The second paragraph will answer the question, “What did I learn from participating in this competition?” The paragraph should be at least 5 sentences long and give at least 3 things you learned. The third paragraph must answer the question, “Why would you invest or not invest your own money in the stock exchange?” This paragraph should be at least 5 sentences long and give at least 3 reasons why you would or would not invest your own money. Project

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Test 2 Study Guide- Use this to make your one page cheat sheet (front and back) to be uses on the test. This study guide is not allowed to be used on the test.

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