Government Economics Course Info


Parents and Students:

Welcome to the course information page for Mr. Costantino's Economics. Here you will find updated information regarding all things Economics related. This will include; rules, requirements, expectations, homework assignments, projects, extra credit, and more! Please remember, if for any reason you need to get in contact with me, please do not hesitate to email me at: Email is the quickest way for me to learn about and respond to any concerns you may have regarding the class or student performance within the class. Also, be sure to check Home Access ( to monitor your performance in this class. Grades are updated at least once a week.

The purpose of this class is to help student's build the critical thinking and application skills that are necessary in today's economical environment. Throughout the course of this year, this class will use a variety of resources and differentiated learning strategies to help students build, develop, and implicate critical thinking and application skills.

Grading Policy
Grading for this course is done using a total points system. Full credit will only be awarded to those students that submit quality work on time. The grading scale below that is used for this class is the approved grading scale set forth by the Christina School District.

A - 90 - 100%
B - 80 - 89%
C - 70 - 79%
D - 60 - 69%
F - 59% and below

Grade Evaluation
Grades will be awarded based on the quality of work completed by students. Listed below is a breakdown of point values for different assignments.

Daily Stingers---------------------------- 2 points each
Weekly Current Events-------------- 10 points
Homework--------------------------------- 10-15 points
Classwork---------------------------------- 10-20 points
Quizzes------------------------------------- 10-25 points
Unit Test------------------------------------ 50 points
Projects------------------------------------- 50-100 points

Grade Weight
Assessments----------------------------- 40%
Quizzes ------------------------------------ 20%
Homework --------------------------------- 20%
Classwork ---------------------------------- 20%

Late-work policy
If students show proper documentation for an excused absence (a list of excusable absences can be found on page 12 in the student Code of Conduct Handbook), he/she will be permitted to complete any assignments missed during that absence as along as the assignment is completed in the allotted time frame. For example, is a student misses one day of school with an excused absence, he/she will have one day to complete the assignments that were missed on that day. Please Note: If an absence is unexcused, the student will not receive any credit for the assignments of that day.**

Class Rules

  1. Come to class on time
  2. No talking while someone else is talking
  3. Follow all instructions
  4. Respect others
  5. Complete all work to the best of your ability
  6. No electronics- Cell phones, iPods, handheld video games etc.
-All other rules are found in the Student Handbook-

Class Expectations

All students are to be seated by the time the bell rings. Once seated, all students are to work on the Stinger written on the front board. Stingers will be collected at the end of the month. Each student is responsible to complete all Stingers and to keep track of their Stinger sheet. Each student will need to copy the notes for the class and is responsible for the safe keeping of their notes. Work is expected to be completed and turned in on the assigned date. Any late work will only be worth half as many points as it would have received if turned in on time.