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On this page can be found any work or notes that you may be missing. When you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to print out a copy of any missed work. If you misplace an assignment or handout, it is your responsibility to replace it. Mr. C will not print out another copy.

This page will be updated several times throughout the week. If you are missing an assignment that you do not see, feel free to email me after you look carefully. All assignments and handouts will be organized based on their unit and the date that it was assigned.


Gov Unit 2

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Gov Unit 4


Unit 1

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Unit 3

Current Events

This form is to be used for every Current Event.


Project: Due on Monday January 9t for G2 and Tuesday January 10th for B5

Class Assignments

Study Guides

Note: Only 1 page (front and back) of handwritten/typed notes is permitted on the test.

Midterm Study Guide
Note: Democrat vs. Republican handout can be used on exam along with Hobbes vs. Locke and Types of governments comparison handout.

Geography Final Exam Study Guide

Extra Credit